Like a virgin

I’ve been contemplating about how I should  begin this. It’s not like I don’t already have a blog (if a Dayre account counts) or owned a blog before (I started blogging at blogspot many years ago). It still feels as though I’m a “virgin” blogger. A “virgin” in disguise actually.

I’ve written my thoughts, most of the time rational and about my (not so small) family and I. So to most of you who have heard of “cikumuffin” would be so familiar with who I am and how many people I have in my family.

Hence, chances are, the ones who are reading this new blog of mine are people who already know me. BUT I still feel the need to introduce myself again, you know, in case I become “famous”. *ahem*

I’ll keep it as short as possible. Promise!

Here goes everything…

Just read this!

Hahaha! Got you there didn’t I. My “About Me” page would tell you exactly who I am but you really gotta keep coming back for more stories. So I hope as a new reader (and a ciku-follower), this “introduction” of mine would keep you coming for more.

For those who are new to anything, everything cikumuffin, here’s my not-so-small family: (these days having more than 2 kids is considered “WAH! SO MANY!. So that’s why I say my family is “not so small”.)


We’re not from Singapore. We happen to have taken a beautiful family photo at the Changi International Airport. (Thanx to my sexy girlfriend who also edited my About Me page. Gracias!)

We’re Malaysians. My husband is that tall, fair and handsome man seated right next to me. We have two handsome sons and a beautiful daughter, who is in the right arm of my husband, not the one that I’m hugging.

We’re currently based in Miri, Sarawak. It’s a cozy little town located in the East of Malaysia. It is in Miri that I’ve started to be a little more active in social media, especially in Dayre. (It is also where I got to know the lovely lady who designed this blog for me. Kam Sia!)

My parents brought up my elder sister and I in a city named Subang Jaya. It’s located in Selangor. We’ve been living there since I was 3 years old. So I’m proud to say that #sayaanakSubangJaya.


That’s my tall, fair and handsome husband again. (He better give me more time alone after this. Haha. I kid I kid.)

My sister on my right, who is now residing in Korea with her little family (considered little cos she only has 2 kids).

My Ah Niang, the one smiling til you can’t see her eyes on my wedding day cos she’s secretly happy she no longer have to tolerate her nonsensical daughter. But that smile till can’t see eyes didn’t last long, cos she’s now living with me and my not-so-little family.

My Daddy, who has gone to Heaven to join God in July 2009. I do speak about him, as and when. That’s when you know how much he meant to me and have influenced me to become who I am today.


I once baked for a living. Due to events in life, I’ve put that career on hold but my passion for baking is still very much alive. So who knows, you might just see me posting so many experiments that you feel like.. “Why is she making us hungry ..all.. the…time?”

I hope you enjoyed reading my brief introduction. Well, you want more, you gotta keep this site as one of your favorite then. #thickskinduncare

Til my next story…


…we stretch and Namaste!




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