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What’s so free?

I would always get offended when people greet me..

“WAH! So free ah you?”


“Now you very free already hor. No need to work.”

If I’ve ever said these words to you, I’m sorry. Please accept my apologies. I never knew how much it hurts til I get it so often now.

What do people mean by “so/very free”?

I just did a #DIAL post yesterday on my Dayre and I realized, it’s tiring to be reading my own post. What more, I’m the one completing all the tasks that I wrote.

My day starts at 5.30am and I didn’t have time to sit down and watch tv, or drink coffee  or sip wine and chat for hours.

Granted, I had time to scroll through my social media feeds. But that was done when I was having lunch or a 2minutes break in between all the tasks that I was doing.

So is that considered “free”?


Are we considered “not free” only when we’re bringing in money to the household?

It’s like the society only recognizes those earning money, as the ones that are busy but the ones like me, who has no income but do all the work at home, considered “very free”.

Screw you general thinkers!

Here’s when I consider myself as “very free.”

  1. When you catch me having coffee/drinking alcohol alone or with a companion/a group, sitting down, just chilling and chatting.IMG_20170619_213319_906I may be “jobless” but I still deserve that break, just like all you folks who are out battling for more money in the business/corporate world.
  2. When you catch me enjoying ice cream with my children/husband/mother.IMG_20170625_134327_786Even then, it’s usually after a meal. We “free people” also need to eat one leh.
  3. When you see me scrolling through my social media feed over and over again for more than 15minutes. (That also cos I’m most likely waiting for time to pass for the next task.)
  4. When you see me play games on my phone. Which is rare now cos I only have one game app on my phone now.
  5. When you see me reading a book. Cos I recently rekindled my love for reading books, so I would always try to squeeze in a page or two from whatever book that I’m reading. Ya..I can only manage one or two pages. If I’m so “free”, I could finish more than a chapter leh.
  6. When you catch me staring in space which is almost never cos when I do, it means I’m thinking of what to write next on my blog/dayre. or who to send my resume to.

Yup, that’s about it.

Otherwise, I don’t think I’m very free.

Even when I’m just home with the kids, it’s not that “free”.


Dealing with tantrum….


After tantrum …

(I always wonder why they don’t just give me a dose of their tantrum, all at once. They love to take turns. Such a waste of my energy. *hmph*)

Not forgetting..


Picking up toys .. 15 minutes after you have just picked up toys from another box .


So now, if you ever see me or SAHMs, it would be nice, if you could say…

“Hey! How have you been?”

rather than

“Very free hor you?”

Really, unless you want to get us started on how busy our days are. Be nice.

We’re contributing to the family too. It may not be monetary, but we pour our time and heart out in keeping the house and whatever else that needs to be attended to in tact. After all, the world doesn’t only revolve around money.

Note: For those who has said these words to me, IF you are reading this, please take this post as my thoughts. I don’t hold grudges. After all, it’s all said and done. Just don’t repeat it again k? Haha. Cheers!

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