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My mama, my strength.

I had a long weekend, it just ended. So imagine how long it was.

My mum had to take a flight home at the very last minute because she found out her best friend lost her husband on Saturday morning.

Initially, I was reluctant to book that flight because she is going to be away in another 10 days! And for don’t know how long! *cries*

But I had to cos the person who passed away is someone dear to our family. So I hurriedly booked a flight for her to return to KL and to come back today.

My daughter had fever yesterday and she didn’t go to school today. So I had to make arrangements for my eldest son to be picked up from school and to tuition.

“I don’t like my mind right now.”

…Is the lyrics that kept playing over and over again in my head this morning , as I haven’t had enough sleep for a few days. My children (except for James. STARES AT LUCAS AND AUDREY.) seem to like to take turns to make a fuss when they sleep.

Doesn’t help that I have limited time on weekdays to settle all that needs to be done in the house and their meals.

So when Audrey didn’t go to school today..I sang..

“Holding OOOONNNNNN! Why is everything so heavy?”

…in my heart.

Even though I still managed to get things done with some help but I still had so much to do after help expired with a sick toddler in tow.

After settling stuff at home, I had to pick the boys up, cook dinner with the kids taking turns requesting for things, make sure I don’t go hungry while making sure the kids don’t starve.

I left a pile of dishes to wash after dinner. Laundry washed but I didn’t have time to hang them.Let alone bring in the clothes from yesterday.

I thought to myself, “Nvm, I shall just go and pick up my mum from the airport with the kids and then come back to attend to all of these after they are asleep.”

Which also means I have to sleep a whole lot later.

But my hero..

Settled everything after she had her late dinner. Even though she was tired from traveling, she did it.

She washed that mountain high of dishes, cleared the dining table, stored whatever food that was meant to be stored, took the clothes in and hung the clothes to dry.

The most important part of it all…

Without me asking her to.

I truly appreciate things done without me having to ask. It’s the little help that I get around the house, to know that I’m not alone in dealing with the kids, household and everything/everyone else that falls under my care.

Thanx for being my perfect supporter…


It takes a lot to know what is love
It’s not the big things, but the little things
That can mean enough
-adapted from the lyrics of “The Perfect Fan”-

Love you, Mummy! 

I honestly don’t look forward to next week and the whole of September.

Wake me up, when September ends.

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