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The Power of Love

Before I begin my story, I would love to wish everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai! May this new year bring you and your family good health and many more joyous days! 🍊💰🤗

I’ve got so many new readers on board since the announcement of Dayre shutting down. Thank you all so much for still wanting to read my writing. 💕💕

What’s Love?

Ever since I got married, CNY has been pretty much us spending time in KL.

I haven’t gone back to Kluang for CNY for ten years.

It’s also a fact or an excuse that my mum would always come back on the 2nd day of CNY. So I would say…”no reason to go back lor.”

Over the years, that side of the family had strained relationship. And it made me use that same excuse even more.

But this year….

My husband asked “Would you like to go back to Kluang?”


Cos my maternal grandmother was admitted into the hospital a week before CNY.

My mum being the main caretaker of my kids had to make a trip down to Kluang almost immediately.

My husband and I had to make arrangements at work to accommodate to our children’s school schedule.

It never crossed my mind to go back to Kluang during CNY cos I’m just so used to not to until my husband asked if I want to.

I hesitated.cos lugging along 3kids for a journey that could be double the time that it takes to reach the destination, is no joke.

But we chose to endure.

I decided, we should go. And it was the best decision that we have made.

Because of love..

My children got to spend time with their cousins who came back from Korea.

My children also got to spend time with their cousins from Singapore.

It’s such a memorable CNY, that it reminded me of how much I loved going back during CNY to just be able to be with my cousins.

I didn’t like the boredom as I grew older but our trip made me realize that it was a matter of being able to be with each other that matters.

To have everyone hugging and laughing, smiling (except for my poker face daughter) in photos…

And to have everyone from Peninsula, East Malaysia (not us), Singapore and Korea come together because of love.

Because of one person…

Her love for us was so strong that it was her that brought us all back together in unity.

It was her that made this year one of my best CNY.

It is her. One petite lady, a person with so much love for her children and grandchildren. Who has showered my late father so much love, even before my mum married him.

I admit that I cried when I saw her. It’s heartbreaking to see someone who was once, the person who did everything for everyone, to now having to need everyone to do everything for her.

I wished I can return the love and care that she has given to me when I was younger but realistically, I can’t.

For now, the best I can do is to pray for her.

May Our Good Lord ease her journey in life and grant her peace in His plans for her. 🙏🙏

Because of love…

I have my husband to thank for knowing what matters to me.

For asking me if I would want to go back to just see her.

Because of love…

It was worthwhile to endure the jam that took us almost 9 hours to reach home…

And have pathetic looking, meh tasting Char Kueh Teow in between our journey.


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