She’s gone forever.

It hasn’t been an easy Monday for me.

Just as I was getting ready for work,like any other Monday.

Mentally preparing myself for a long day, as my work schedule looks like it’s about to explode for the week.

Then came my mother’s call. Nevermind that we were both in the same house.

She thought that I was already on my way to work.

With a calm voice she said..”Popo has passed away.”

And I calmly replied, “Ok.”

I was juggling between my kids, work and arranging for our trip to go back to Kluang the whole day.

I haven’t shed a tear.

Settled the kids, did our laundry, went off to work and my boss asked..

“How are you coping?”

I answered..

“I haven’t had time to mourn.”

I was in pain upon hearing the news but I couldn’t grief.

As much as I know, it’s best she went to Heaven and after all, she lived up to 90 years old.

But I swear, if someone hugged me along the way, I would have cried like a baby.

Now, everyone’s snoring and I am here, writing.

I mourn.

Meet my Popo.

A lady of a few words.

When she opens her mouth, it’s only words of wisdom.

She would always say..

“You must take care yourself and of those who are still alive. Nevermind the dead, they have gone. The ones that are still here, are the ones that matters.”

Nagging us for showering late at night, for not eating before 7pm, for not sleeping before 10pm.

Thank you, Popo.

For always cooking for us til you couldn’t anymore.

For never losing your temper on us.

For being the “connector of the family” even when you were old and suffering from dementia.

Today, I remained strong because you were strong.

Tonight, I cry because I’ve lost yet another person, close to my heart.

May both of you meet at that beautiful shore.

Rest in peace.

5 thoughts on “She’s gone forever.”

  1. My sincere condolences to you and your family. And I perfectly understand your reaction and lack of tears. I was the same when I found out that my own Popo passed away.


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