She’s the one

I took the day off yesterday cos my mum applied for leave.


I haven’t been a great daughter but she has been an amazing mum to me and she steps in as a mother when I’m chasing people at work.

Recently, my company’s Management Team awarded me with this:

I can’t thank the Management enough and my boss and teammates.

Many said “You deserve it!”

And some asked..”How on earth do you do it? With three kids at home?”

First of all, I’m thankful for a supportive husband. Who knows that I feed on putting my all into every freaking thing that I do.

But on top of it all, I have my mum to thank (ok ok, God also la. But this is not a post about my faith.)

The Grandma who spoils my children in many ways but she doesn’t spare them from the cane & the constant nagging.

My mum who also knows that I have so much of my dad’s workaholic genes in me has been the pillar of my every success.

It’s her who allowed me to put in hours at work. Travel for work.

She’s not like just any grandma as she’s superbly strict with my kids.

My mum punishes my eldest boy with more work when she found out that he tried to avoid his responsibility as a student, finishing his homework.

She even made him do gardening when he was lazy to do his work.

No, my heart don’t ache for my child when she does that.

Why should it when she’s teaching him to be responsible of his own duties?

Yes, she’s not perfect. (So is all of us.)

But she has been the best support that I can ever ask for.

For that I’m grateful.


Happy Birthday Mummy! May you be blessed with great health!

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