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When grieve never ends..

8th of July.

My family along with a lot of friends mourned the death of my father, 9 years ago.

Seems like yesterday, that I called my husband, my uncle, my dad’s closest friends that he has gone to Heaven.

Seems like yesterday, that we would walk hand-in-hand in public, not bothered if passers by thought that I’m dating an old man.

Seems like yesterday, we would treat ourselves to ice cream on weekends.

Seems like yesterday, my dad told me “Just go up there and pretend like you are a rockstar!” Opportunities are given to you only once, give it your all.

But it wasn’t yesterday.

No matter how time flies,the grieve remains.

The pain, however, subsided.

The memory, didn’t.

The love remains and the heart grew stronger.

The tears would still fall but the mind is clear.

No matter how many days, months and years has passed..

It was him, who made me, part of who I am today.

A McDonald’s Ice Cream cone every 8th of July, in memory of the first man that came into my life and the first man that broke my heart into pieces when he left.

Thanx for the memories, the guidance and the patience in making me, who I am today.

Love Always.

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