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I Namba TWO!!

Lucas is talking a lot more now and God knows how my kids became competitive amongst each other, they all started to compete being Number 1. #naturallykiasu

But it did help Lucas in understanding some things.


If he finishes his food first, he says..”I’m Namba one!” (He pronounces number as Namba.)

Or when he comes in last in some race that my boys created, he would say..”I’m not Namba One. I finish last.”

And recently he told me,

“Mummy! You have 3. Koko Namba 1, I Namba two and MeiMei Namba Three!”

To my dearest Namba 2,

You are God’s answer, when we were in fear and doubtful of being blessed with another child.

You tested our patience, with your tantrum, with your determination and during the years you had speech delay.

But you also shown us that love can be shown without having to say a thousand words.

Every year, Mummy wished that you would learn how to speak. God answered our prayers.

This year, Mummy wish you would not talk so much. Hahahahahaa… (I kid I kid.)

May you be blessed with many more joyful days.

Continue to be a compassionate and friendly boy. Continue to be curious and courageous.

May you be the best Namba 2, any parent and sibling would ask for.


Happy 5th Birthday, Lucas!


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