Age is just a number

I recently hit the mid-30s. (Well, not recently, it has been more than 2 weeks already.)

How do I feel?

Just like any other year. Hahaha..

Any signs of aging?

Perhaps a couple of additional wrinkles, here and there. (Not that I’ve noticed but maybe other people have.)

Energy wise? I haven’t slowed down as much as I should. Cos after all, the body ain’t of the same age anymore?

But again, if we don’t feel like we have aged, does it then mean that we haven’t?

Hahaha..pretty sure if I step on a scale that could read my body age would say the opposite.

So how has it been being 35?

Pretty good, I would say.

I certainly have less tolerance towards nonsense. I mean, why should we even tolerate nonsense? But some things, nonsense to you but not to others.

Like how I saw a kid threw an empty bottle on the ground at a public field, I reacted, raised my voice and said “Eh! Don’t simply throw la!”

And then the boy looked at me, puzzled and I repeated “Jangan buang macam tu la! Carilah tong sampah!”

(Don’t throw just like that! Look for a dustbin!)

And then the boy’s dad appeared and told him to pick it up.

But instead, James picked it up and passed it to him.

I may have come across as a rude, don’t know how to mind my own business aunty but at that moment, I couldn’t tolerate such uncivilised behaviour.

Could it be due to age?

I actually felt bad after. What if someone raised their voice at my kid? I would be pissed off too right?

Then I thought, but if my kid got caught littering, I wouldn’t mind lor.

Ok, I think as I age, I think too much also.


Anyway, besides having signs of being an old naggy aunty, I’m indenial of aging.


I’m definitely watching what I eat now more often than I was cos as age catches up, the more conscious of my health I get.

As age is catching up, I’m also consciously reminding myself that every minute that I get to spend with my kids are superbly precious. Due to the nature of my career, I make full use of every weekend that I get with them.

I may not be spending as much time with them as compared to a lot of working mothers but everyone’s circumstances is different.

Who are people to judge anyway eh?

Being 35 is ordinary yet I wonder if I’m taking it too lightly.

Anyhow, I would love to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has wished me, regardless if it was because FB reminded you, it is the effort to actually wish me that counts.

For everyone (family, friends and colleagues) who made the effort to celebrate my birthday, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Bring on the mid-30s!💪

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