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When we only have us..

Living in a world without internet connection.

The husband and I decided that we should bring the kids out for some family time.

Giving my mummy (their nanny) a break too.

We brought my mum along cos she likes just watching them be kids.

We chose Sekeping Serendah and was told that there won’t be any network connection.

My first thoughts?

“Hope my kids won’t end up killing each other out of bordeom.”

Day 1

It’s our first night here.

I won’t be able to publish this post til I’m back in civilization but I guess it’s good for me to have my thoughts jotted down before my WhatsApp and emails start flooding my notification.

So how did the first day go?

Our hearts dropped a couple of times cos my kids are a whole lot more adventurous than we expected them to be.

Life without the internet or TV meant they only had the swimming pool, jungle trekking and running up and down the wooden house as entertainment.

After we have settled in our beautiful retreat space.

We went to the nearest swimming pool.

My eldest kid was superbly happy to realise that he’s grown tall enough to touch the ground of an adult pool.

My second son, gave us heart attack every 5minutes.

This lil boy is so fearless that he jumped straight into the pool even without an adult near him. Thank God for his survival skills, he would quickly puppy paddle his way to the side of the pool and hang on to the wall.

My daughter somehow became a lot more fearless and decided that it’s Lucas that she should follow.

*God, please tell us you are watching them.*

After that many heart attacks, we had some tea and went for Jungle Trekking.

Who would have thought that the trail was gonna be steep and curvy?

So many times the three adults had to say…”Watch your step!!!”

Til we scare a lot of jungle insects away .

Lucas even turned around as he was walking down the slope and asked..”Why Mummy???!!”

*Oh Lord, please be kind to my heart.*

When we returned back to our space, our kids were having the time of their lives. Collecting rubber seeds, stones and white rocks.

It’s nice to have them just doing what they can with what they have.

We brought some board games to play and had a good time just chilling as a family.

And perhaps, tmr I would be more ready for all the stunts my children would show.

Day 2

I fell asleep after making the kids sleep.

The best thing about not having any form of connection is that we all slept earlier than normal.


We went jungle trekking and an hour swim in the pool.

Had the pool to ourselves cos dunno why. Hahaha..but we love that kind of “privacy”.

We did the same stuff from Day 1 til Day 3. It amazes me that my kids said…”I want to come here again!”

Looks like Mummy is the one who was deprived from the internet. Hahahaha..

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind coming back or head to places with them with similar activities.

It’s ideal for them to get to know nature…

Explore the jungle together as siblings…

Well, our youngest is still too young for such things and the one who came back with the most mozzie bites even though we showered her in mozzie repellent.

But she still enjoyed herself with her brothers..

Learning all sorts of brave tricks from them..

And discovering that jungle has fridge too..#whatasaviour

We played Junior Scrabble, Dominoes and Chess…repeated many times in a day. The younger too are quite good in Dominoes cos it’s just matching the colour for them. Hahahaha…

They got to taste two days of purely my cooking.

Beef stew.

Ok..BBQ dun count as cooking la. It’s just marinating meat and try not to burn it.

They created their own games and became a lot more creative.

Most of all, they didn’t kill each other out of boredom.


Being in the “jungle” was a different experience for us as a family.

I, for one, is so much a city girl that I truly enjoy such rest and relax.

I think the amount of money we paid for this retreat was a lot more worthwhile.(ya, #practicalaunty like that.)

Will we do it again? Of course!

But now..let me enjoy the Emails and WhatsApp messages flooding in.


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