We didn’t say goodbye

A colleague needed help to connect to the videographer that I was using for work.

So I picked up my phone, didn’t hesitate cos I loved talking to this guy that I have been dealing with.

When my call was answered, I heard a lady on the other end.

To my surprise, I thought the guy that I’m trying to reach was driving/traveling outstation.

And she answered, “Sorry, my husband has just passed away.”

For a moment, I couldn’t think.

I only kept saying sorry.

And she on the other end, kept saying “It’s ok.”

And we ended our call with her assuring me that she would be taking over and I can contact her at any time.

I realized, she’s an amazing woman!

Amazingly strong for her kids and for his team, the Company that he built.

R and I have only met twice but we could work things out immediately.

He could understand our company’s requirement, how we want things to be. He went that extra mile, he would do his best to ensure his team would come out with the results we wanted.

I could remember him telling me how excited he is to be working with us once again.

Dear R,

We didn’t get to say goodbye. Our last conversation was us waving at each other with a big smile.

I’m glad to have had you come into my life and I will keep the best memory of you in my heart.

Your energy, your will, how humble you were, how you make every meeting with you so pleasant.

I wish we could have seen the results of our discussion together and had more opportunities to work with you.

Alas, it wasn’t in God’s plan. He loves you more.

May you rest in peace,my friend.


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