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That negative nurse

I went for my annual Pap Smear test, (A reminder for women who are sexually active to do so too.) and I love my gynaecologist.

For some reasons, she’s not the one who delivered my first two children but she’s really a nice Dr.

I can’t say the same about one of her nurses though.

She seems to be sceptical about a lot of things.

She’s the one who would weigh me, check my blood pressure and ask me why am I here today.

So whilst weighing me, finding out how much I weigh, she gave me a look. And then said…”You don’t look that heavy.”

I smiled and said..”Looks can deceiving. I hide them well.”

And then she took my blood pressure and it was normal. I smiled and she rolled her eyes. Go figure why.


And then she asked what am I here for, told her that it’s to do a Pap Smear.

And she went…”Huh? Pap Smear ah?”

And I asked..”Why ah?”

She answered..” sit and wait ah! Don’t go anywhere!” With a fierce face.

Yes boss!

Turns out, I took her words too seriouslythat my gynaecologist commented that my bladder was too full for scanning.

And I almost blurted..”Your nurse told me to not go anywhere. I assumed that I had to pee in my underwear.”

But she quickly managed to discover something growing (not a baby) and I was more concerned about it.

(Don’t worry, it’s a water cyst.)

So we went on to discuss on what I should do next and etc and I left her room assured that I’m ok.

Then I approached the nurse again cos I needed to make another appointment to see my gynaecologist.

And of course, she asked why?

When I told her why, she went “Huhhhh??? You want to do that ah. Aiya,need to depend on Dr availability on that day one oh.”

I just stared at her…”Ok sure. No problem.”

And the day came…

She called me after I’ve registered and said..”Dr cannot do it today la. A lot of emergency. You choose another day la.”

I said “Ok. Tomorrow then.”

She sighed loudly. “Tsk! Next week la.”

But I can’t take leave just like that. Since I’m on leave for the whole week, I’d prefer to do it this week.

And she insisted that I wait til next week or after. Even tried to convince me that it’s not urgent.

I tolerated her cos after all, I paid for the gynaecologist’s professional advice and services.

Not hers.

I finally made an appointment and told myself…”It’s ok. It’s just the nurse.”

When I went for my appointment, she did the routine.

Checked my weight, blood pressure and asked what am I here for.

Told her what and she said…”Huh???? Today ah???”

I went on a Chinese Aunty mode and replied…”Ya lor!today lor.Why! Cannot ah???'(I may or may not have raised my voice)

But it was good enough for her to back down and she replied…”oh can can…take a seat.”

As I was waiting, I reflected on how I reacted and reached to a conclusion that her negativity is just like the many negatives presented to us in life.

Sometimes we just smile and let it pass.

Sometimes we let it disturb us.

Sometimes we choose to confront it.

Sometimes we fight head to head with it.

But it really doesn’t matter, how many times we are faced with negative situation.

We just have to make a choice on how we would want to deal with it to reach that end goal.

I achieved my goal.

And in the end, the negative nurse didn’t really matter.

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