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Happy Anniversary to me!

Today marks the beginning of my second year back in the corporate world after a 5 years hiatus.

When I tell people what I used to do prior to heading back to the corporate world, many would say…

“WHY???!!! Why didn’t you just continue?”

After a year, I’m still glad I didn’t continue what I was doing.

I’ve joined probably the best company to re-start my career in the corporate world and there isn’t a day that I looked back and thought…”I don’t belong here.”

I’ve gone through 12months of emotional, physical and mental rollercoaster ride.

And I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.

It’s been good and I’m looking forward to what’s coming my way for the many years to come.

I do have my teammates to thank for makimg my first year such a breeze.Not forgetting, my pillars at home.

How do I strike that balance?

First of all, I don’t get so hard up about wanting to find that balance. I find it a lot easier to make peace with myself than having that constant need to find “work-life balance”.

I’m not saying this just to get comments “Wah!Your boss will be so happy to hear this!”

But I’m sharing this to hopefully inspire every working parents that it’s really ok to just aim for “quality and not quantity”.

#thestrugglewasreal when I constantly felt that I haven’t spent enough hours with my husband, kids on weekdays.

But I realized that by forcing myself to spend time, I was only present physically.

Mentally, I’m still thinking about work.

Emotionally, rollercoaster cos the mind ain’t there.

It was good that I slapped myself and straighten things, and now I spend a lot more quality time with them kids and husband.

My #bestnine2018 is no surprise, filled with photos of my family. (Cos 90% of my post on Instagram is about my family.😝)

Nevertheless,it reminds me that I did give it my all to my family even though I’m back in the corporate world.

Happy Anniversary to me!

And a belated Happy Christmas and a Blessed New Year to all you!


2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to me!”

  1. Happy anniversary! Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year in advance! Keep up the positivity in 2019. Just want you to know that I look to you as a role model when it comes work-life balance cause even though I do not have kids, I struggle with that all the time. Your opinions truly bring a fresh of breath air to this convoluted, stereotyped world.


    1. Blessed New Year Gracie! Aww.. what an honour. Yes, we just have to be conscious with our choices. You got this! It’s never too late to make work-life balance, your way! 😉


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