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Choose Your Day

I have 5 Drafts sitting in my Blogpost and I’ve decided to start a brand new post cos I can’t seem to get the same “feel”.

To me writing is similar to going for a nice 3 or 5 course meal. Where you sit down and slowly chew & taste all the flavours that you are suppose to and then swallow. Every course, everything that is presented to you in one sitting.

You can’t possibly eat one dish and then tell the waiter.. “Hold on! I’ll claim my other dishes another day cos Lao Niang gotta attend to other stuff in life.” (If any restaurant makes this possible, it’s going to be the best answer to every busy human’s life!)

Writing is just the same for me. When I get the mojo to write, I’d prefer that I’m left undisturbed, verbal diarrhea in one sitting. I tried (5 times to be exact) to write half way and when I looked back into the drafts, I asked “What the hell did I had in mind earlier?” *starts new post*

As usual, after a long hiatus, I feel obliged to tell you how life is. I’m gonna try putting obligatory posts aside this round and taking advatage of my Sunday without the two boys at home.

I only have a little lady to care for and iNanny is taking good care of her. #assholemum #otherwiseimightaswellclosedownmyblog

Channeling Positive Energy

If you have had the chance to work with me, you would find my energy irritating. I’m energetic from morning til night, most days. (Eh, Lao Niang also human ok?)

But when I get home, I’m not necessary still so energetic but it’s something that I would like to change. (Again, Lao Niang is human leh, sure will burn out one mah.)

I was taught that we shouldn’t allow our personal “problems” or “bad mood” effect our colleague. It’s something I hung onto and find it to be so true.

Now just imagine or if you can think of  a colleague/friend/family member you have in mind, comes in to the office/when you see him/her in the morning/ every time you meet, greets you with a sulky face. Won’t you feel demotivated to even talk to that person?

That “WHAT YOU WANT!” Face. Come! Let’s FIGHT! *Shows fist*

Well if it was a colleague, I would just say “HIIIIIIIII!!!” and that’s it cos Lao Niang ain’t gonna let any black face spoil my day.

If it was a friend….wait, I’m blessed with friends who don’t give me that sour face when we meet. So I honestly dunno what I’ll do if I happen to have such a friend. Or perhaps I consciously don’t hang out with such people? Birds of the same feather, flocks together.

If it was a family member, I would just have to tolerate. *God bless my patience & heart*

This is perhaps why I would make it a point to greet my children with a big Good Morning and a hug and when I’m back from work, give them a good hug and ask them about their day.  (Well, whatever else happens in between especially over the weekend, is not necessarily joyful all the time.)

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is if we ourselves consciously channel positive energy, we would also attract more positive energy than negative ones. (The Law of Attraction) The world could use a whole lot more positive energy.

If being positive & energetic is not your thing , use that subconscious mind and do one positive thing a day, one day at a time, day by day, you would find yourself a little less of a pain in the arse one day.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Greet your children/spouse with a great big smile, a hug & a kiss on their forehead/cheek.
  2. SMILE! and the whole world will smile with you (cliche but we all do look better with a smile on our face).
  3. LAUGH! cos no one actually cares if you snort or your teeth & tongue is showing or if your boobs/chest bounces when you are laughing.
  4. Tell that control freak to STOP IT! For once, hold your tongue. We could all use a chill pill a day.
  5. Be Grateful for the little things in life. I’ve always found that people who are grateful with just having what they have are the happiest people.
  6. Accept that you can’t change the past but you can move forward and make a difference today for a better tomorrow. (Sounds like my company’s purpose but it’s true) We blame our past (how we were brought up, how life sucks and the whole world is better off except us) one too many times. If we could just Accept that “It was what it was” and we’ll be able to move on and create a better “is” and “will be”.

I know whatever I’ve just wrote sounds like something you may have read or known. Well cos the recipe to constant energy & positivity is the same. Hence, you see the same-same words! (Not rocket science.)

SMILE! cos you would feel better on the inside and look a lot better on the outside.

Choose your day, choose to channel positive energy!


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