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Dada: The good, the bad

Many wrote their dedication to their husbands on behalf of their children on Father’s Day.

Some kids wrote/made a little token for their dads.

My kids? Had to be reminded that it’s Father’s Day and the only thing that they made for him was from Sunday School (now stuck on our fridge).

(Well, it was the same for Mother’s Day and I didn’t feel like my kids were ungrateful.)

How do you say thank you?

Reading how some wives show their appreciation towards their husbands for being the best father to their children, puts a smile on my face.

And children wrote that they are ever grateful for their dad’s sacrifice and being the best dad.

But if you were to ask my children, they will tell you…

“I want Mummy.” “Why Mummy can’t be the one sending/picking me up?” “Only Mummy can help me.” “Where’s Mummy?”

But actions speaks louder than words.

Dada-3, Mummy-0

My children will never ask me to buy drinks from vending machines cos only Dada would do so.

My eldest son almost never asked if I could play with him cos he realized, the fun one is actually his dad.

His go to when it comes to doing things together.

My daughter knows that Mummy won’t carry her whilst walking in the mall cos only Dada would give in even though it would hurt his back.

My second son would never ask me to fix things that he spoils *staresathim* cos Dada is the handyman in the house.

Dada is the one they can throw sand at, the one that think that them touching his face in the middle of the night is cute *don’t knowwhatsocute* and the one that would miss them a whole lot more than I do when we’re traveling for work. #assholemum

But Dada is also the one they fear, the one that repeats the same words as me and yet they listen to me and not him. *Go figure!*

To the Dada that my kids love and fear, all at the same time….

Thanx for being the parent that I’m not.

Like how you would like more than 3 kids and I don’t. #photosaretheonlywayyoucanlooklikeyouhavemorethan3kids


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