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Lost and Found

God must have thought that I lack of excitement in my life and gave me an experience of losing my laptop bag.

Was on a flight home from work and my laptop bag was mistakenly taken by a student.Who carried a laptop bag of the same colour and brand.


Well, I realized that my bag is missing the moment I carried hers and went immediately to the Lost and Found counter.

It took her 4hours later to realize that she took the wrong bag.

Well, I gave her the benefit that it looked somewhat the same but her bag is a lot lighter than mine. (I stuffed two boxes of Tambun Biscuits in it cos my colleague passed it to me just before I went on my flight.)

A few things that came to mind:

1) Didn’t she feel the difference in weight when she took it?

2) Didn’t she realise that the laptop bag hook is not the same?(Hers has a cushion, mine doesn’t)

Oh well, so I had to take my mind off work cos no laptop (perhaps it’s God’s way of telling me to rest).

When she contacted me at night, she immediately told me that she’s a student she can’t afford to go back to KLIA and back. So she asked if I could meet her somewhere.

I didn’t hesitate cos I know it would have cost her RM130 for a return trip.

So I told her that I would pick up her bag if she could just call the airlines and inform them. Gave her the number to call.

She then gave me excuses saying that the Lost and Found would have close by this hour and etc.

I explained that it should still be open as they would have flights til late.

She still didn’t want to. I couldn’t just let it rest. So I called the airline’s Lost and Found and I had to explain to the officer and ask if I could pick up her bag to meet her somewhere to get mine.

Thankfully they agreed to it.

The Next Morning…

I told her that I wouldn’t mind meeting her in Subang after picking up her bag from KLIA. (Even though Subang is not where I live anymore.)

And she again told me that she’s only a student. Taking a Grab to Subang from where she is would cost her money.

She asked if we could meet at Pavilion or KL Sentral.

Pavilion???On a Saturday?? You gotta be kidding me.

Honestly, she wasn’t mindful that I told her that I’ve got to send my kids to classes and the fact that I live so far away from town. She clearly didn’t use Google to see how far I live.

So I replied: Since u can get to KL Sentral, you can take the LRT and stop at Subang Jaya station. I’ll meet you there.

Her response…..”Haiz. Ok then.”

Did I just read disappointment and frustration?

Couldn’t keep my cool any longer and I told her that I hope she isn’t frustrated at me for asking her to come nearer to me.

Take it as an investment you have to make for your mistake, my dear.

At the airport…

Like it wasn’t bad enough that I had to drive an hour one way, pay RM10.80 toll for two ways and RM4 for car park at the airport.

I had to go up to level 3, get security pass, head down to level 2, go to lost and found. Get the airline staff to call her to verify. Collect her bag and went back to Level 3 to get my Identitiy card back from security.

And she had the nerves to text me…”Can you snap a photo of the bag? To make sure it’s mine.”


So I took a photo and told her that the airline staff is processing it now.

Airline staff told me..”This passenger is so lucky to have you come pick up her bag for her.”

I only responded..”Well, she got no money to come back here. What to do?”

The exchange.

I was early and hungry. So I told her that I’m going to have lunch while waiting.

She finally turned up and the meet up was so briefed that I can’t believe it happened.

She came over, said Hi, passed me my bag, took hers, said thank you and…



I felt so used.

If she at least apologized face to face and spend a little more time, and let me check my belongings in front of her before taking off, I would have forgiven her.

But what she did was just plain rude.

So I thought that I should tell her. Going on a basis that we don’t know what we’ve done wrong til someone tells us we are wrong.

She was in a rush?!?! Right…I have all the time in the world.*sips coffee*
You’re welcome.

Can’t call this a nightmare as it happened all in the day.

I only promise myself that I would make sure my children won’t behave this way when they grow up.


Dear God,

If you are reading this/listening…next time bless me with a handsome guy k?At least I get some eye candy at the end of the day.

If there isn’t any, I promise to make my life more exciting, so you won’t bless me with such situation again.


Oh..and I need recommendations of a superbly striking colour laptop bag. #sayNOtoblacklaptopbags

-End of drama-

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