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A curse or a gift

Wow! You have got such great memory!

It’s something I get so often that I sometimes answer “It’s a curse.”

Why is it so?

Let me explain and before I do, I would like you to know that I’m not complaining .

A Curse

In some situations, being the one that remembers best is not the most ideal. Especially when you are dealing with people that won’t admit to things.

1.It’s a curse when all the other party has to say was “Oh, sorry, I forgot.”

…and with that, you would just have to “forgive and forget”. The debate ends and life goes on. And you being the one who can remember what’s happening, did not get to celebrate in victory cos “I forgot” won by a huge margin. Well, it’s worse if the “I forgot” didn’t come with an “I’m sorry”.

2. It’s a curse when the other party challenges your capability to remember every freaking detail.

It is worse when with a person who has a stubborn level of 1000000 . You just give up and say.. “Fine, you win!” but in actual fact, you know he/she didn’t.

3. It’s a curse cos then your close and loved ones would highly depend on you to remember things.

….and if you don’t! They would go … “HOW COME YOU CAN FORGET?” and sometimes you just feel like screaming back.. “only this time I forgot and you asked me how come? What about the almost EVERY TIME that you forgot???” *stomps off*

A Gift

Well, being able to remember a lot of things, helps. It keeps one aware of their moves, what they would say next and to remember is to know how it felt the last time you said/did something bad/good consciously/unconsciously.

I love it that I can remember things because it brings back memories. Especially moments that has given me nothing but joy. When I’m down and feel like giving up, my memory helped. It helps to remember that I’ve managed to pick myself back up even though times were tough. How different would it be now?

Let’s forgive

Irregardless, if you are blessed with a good memory or not, just remember that you are only human and we should be more forgiving towards the other party.

Not being able to remember occasionally or all the time, doesn’t make that person less human.

There’s nothing to be envious about, nothing to wish you have had.

If this is not convincing enough, just keep in mind of what the one sentence the famous forgetful fish would remember to say…

Just keep swimming.

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