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Midnight Ramblings- Grateful for…

It’s 7minutes to the next day and here I am, wanting to just pen a few words. (Thanx no thanx Coffee Bean coffee.)

Went for a rare after work workout (my normal routine is to workout before work but today wasn’t one of the days that I could afford to) and decided that I should get coffee before heading home as I need to play catch up with work.

And then I was given this coffee sleeve …

And of course, it got me thinking…

“What am I grateful for?”

I’ve always been a person to appreciate the little blessings in life and I find it hard to drill into people that, all we need is to be grateful if what we have.

It’s really easy for us to always look at what we don’t have first.

Some little examples I hear so often:

“Waaahhh! Nice lor you, can go home so early from work?”

Well, in reality, do you even know that this particular person has to go back to attend to whatever they have to do at home and then continue working after they have settled their kids/housework/spouse/whatever else that you can think of.

So for people with such thinking, try to be grateful that you can actually spend that extra time in the office, completing your work without having to attend to anything at home first.

“Waahhh! You get to workout every morning. I’m so busy! I won’t have such time lor.”

My answer to people who are always envious of how I can workout before going to work is..”Time is there. We are all blessed with 24hours. It’s how you plan and want to spend it.”

Perhaps you should ask yourself, what is your priority every day? Mine is to workout, eat healthy, complete work, come home before 9pm to be with my family.

If you notice, I don’t prioritize sleep. Something has got to give.

You can never have the best of everything.

I’m not advocating that we should all lose sleep to workout or whatsoever but I’m grateful that I can at least have 5-6hours of sleep a day and still accomplish my daily priorities.

Stay contented with what you have in life and you will find that you are less envious of people and you won’t feel like you can never achieve something that you have always wanted.

I’ve always been grateful for

1) My mother- who has been so patient and took up taking care of my kids whilst I hustle away at work

2) My husband – for being ever so supportive of me putting in the hours (although he prefers that I don’t bring work home)

3) my 3 kids- who enjoys clinging on me. I’m glad that they still love me even though I’ve spent more time at work than with them.

4) time with my kids- although the quantity is not there but I love how I get to talk to James when I send him to school every day, talk to my two little ones after work cos they are always the last to fall asleep

5) alone time with my husband- thanx to my mum, we get to have date nights at least once a week. It’s a reminder for us that our family begun with just the two of us.

6) my dad- I miss him so much especially when I’m faced with roadblocks at work but I’m grateful that he was part of my life growing up, especially when I just started working. His words of advice and tips would always remain in me.

7) my sister (and niece & nephew)- a family away from home but never too far away to lend morale support. I’m grateful to have a sister who would understand that it’s not as simple as it seems to be the one having to deal with almost everything related to my mum

8) my best girlfriends-superbly grateful to have them in my life. We don’t chat every day but we are there for each other. How is that possible? Only the bestest makes it possible.

The people and things that I’m grateful for are so common that a lot of people don’t see it as something to appreciate or acknowledge.

But it is the combination of these people and little things that keeps me going.

Ask yourself…

What are you grateful for?

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