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Hello there! Do you remember this Fluffeh one?

How pinch-able those cheeks and thighs were?

The Fluffeh one is turning 5 in a couple of days. I don’t always write about her cos well, she does occupy a lot of my time now. Already have her stuck to me for that many hours that I’m home, can’t seem to still want to write about her.

But I figured that I should, to remind me of how much my readers looked forward to her arrival, watching her grow from a Fluffeh in my belly and then Fluffeh as an infant.

Remember how we tried so hard to make her look more like a girl?
And how we couldn’t stop staring into her nice round eyes…
And the round eyes and Fluffeh cheeks…

Well the only thing that didn’t grow then was her hair. #theregoesherfutureweddingphotos #botakAudrey
Fluffeh at 1years old, still Fluffeh…

But still very much mistaken as a boy.
As she slowly loses her fluffeh-ness…
But still looked like a boy.
At this stage, it is her little antics that puts a smile on our faces and here she is trying her very best to look as adorable as possible.
That one date with Hugh Jackman…#macamyes

She’s grown so much from looking so much like a boy, to a young little lady whom I love to threaten to cut her hair if she doesn’t keep her fringe up.
(I just hate having her fringe fall all over her face)

And she now lives (and breathe) everything pink and girly…
Til the husband had to open “Dada Nail Salon”.

But behind that girly girl, she has that feisty side of her. Challenging me every day with her sarcasm. (perhaps out of instinct cos she has to face two older brothers every day..🤷)

We also discovered that she found her courage when we brought her to Legoland last year.

She went on rollercoaster rides, lifting her hands up and screamed her lungs out. #proudmama

And her fear for anything loud (queue fireworks) has subsided.
But… she’s still that girly girl…
Who loves all things Frozen, princess, must wear a dress and pink. Oh.. and not forgetting BlackPink 💃

Her other hobby? stealing my favourite food…
Ice cream taxer.

Many who has met her in person says that she looks exactly like me.

I have to assure you that she looks way better than me when I was her age. Lao Niang was mistaken as a boy til I was in Form 6. (
Happy Birthday my fierce little cha bor!
Mummy love you always and forever. 🥰🥰

Ok..maybe a little less when you are overly clingy, stubborn and sarcastic.😝

Kidding kidding…
Love you no matter how you behave…😏