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Tonight I wanna…

Well, if it was 10years ago, the answer would have been ….”cry”.

It would have been the first year since we couldn’t celebrate my dad’s birthday with him.

It is now the 10th year, not having him tell us…”Well, it’s just another day.”

Is it still painful? It is but not as painful anymore. It’s true what they say.Grieving for someone you truly love will never end.

I still wish that he’s here. What would he advise me, when I told him of my struggles, my joy and dealing with my noisy monkeys.

How different would it be if til today I could still share a tub of ice cream with him or buy him a Vanilla Ice cream cone from McDonald’s, give him a big hug and say…

Happy Birthday Daddy!

But all I can do tonight is pray. For him to watch over us.

Tonight I can have a scoop of his favourite dessert in memory of him.

“I know I’m praying for much too much, but could you send back, the only man she loves. I know that you don’t do it usually, but dear Lord, she’s dying…to dance with my father again. Every night I fall asleep, this is all I ever dreamed.”

-Dance with My Father, Luther Vandross-

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