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My MCO Must Have

It’s more than a month now that we’re all under Movement Control Order/Working from Home/stuck at home/forced to be home/sit down quietly at home, however you want to term it.

As much as I would like to write a post to tell you “Hey there! Keep going!” Let’s look at the more realistic side of things….alright?

I’ve lost it countless times over the last month cos the extrovert in me is dying, slowly but surely. I miss going to work & heading to the gym as they are my weekday energy booster. I miss being able to take a breather from kids and home. Random outings with my girlfriends, Friday nights with drinking buddies and occasional laugh like crazy session with my teammates.

But of course, me being me, I would try to look at the optimistic side of things. Within 30days, I’ve spent more time at home than I’ve had since we came back from Miri,more than 2years ago. My kids get to exceed my 3years quota of calling Mummy in just 30days. I had to find other ways to de-stress, baking has always been my go-to-therapy and it has never disappointed me.

Wholemeal Walnuts and Seeds Sourdough Bread.
My first attempt in making a sourdough bread and it came out perfect. 🥰

I’m glad that I still have what it takes to bake cos it is one of my must have during this period of MCO.

What are my other must have?

Because there’s bacon in my burger, bacon in my beef stew, bacon for breakfast as a side, bacon sandwiched in between..basically bacon is essential.

Cos breakfast is the only meal that I can make daily (lunch and dinner on weekends) and it’s not as easy to just head out to buy food anymore. Hence, the house must never run out of bread, eggs and flour.

Well, I really don’t need to explain. 3 clingy kids + A lot of Google Meetings & Zoom meetings to set up every day + 3 clingy kids + Work + 3 clingy kids + cleaning the house + 3 clingy kids + kids can’t stop fighting + 3 clingy kids + cooking + 3 clingy kids

Do I need to justify further why alcohol is essential in my household? #nuffsaid

My most important must have: A bunch of crazies that I can go through this tough times together, virtually.

Your turn now. Tell me, what are your Must Have throughout the MCO period? 😉

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