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A new chapter is here!

12 years ago, I wouldn’t have imagined this day. I’m not one that have ambitions played up in my mind for my children, so to be able to get to 12 years is quite an achievement. *pats self on the back*

I’m officially a mum for 12 years (4 days ago) and it does feel like I haven’t done much. Besides discovering all the difficulties that my eldest is going through as he grows up, I’m pretty much letting him grow as how he likes it to be. #assholemum

On his birthday this year, I had work obligations but his besties saved me from being the #worstmumever. They decided at a very last minute to come over to celebrate his birthday with him and James had the best day of his life in the last 8 months till he was upset when they had to leave. #life

with the boys that he spends the most time with every day, online.

He was an extroverted and happy-go-lucky little boy when he was younger but he grew up to be an introverted and gaming-is-life teenager. How did he evolved to this? Only God knows. For as long as he’s healthy, I have no complaints.

getting him to smile in photos is harder than managing his siblings these days.

For the next 12 years (OMG, did I just say that?), I pray for him to grow up healthy, knowing what makes him happy in life and living every day the best he possibly can.

(I’ll be 50. 😱)

Stay happy & healthy always, baby. ❤

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