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Fluffeh turns 7!

The boys & I

When I took this photo with my boys, it was when we just found out that I’m pregnant. Look at how baby Lucas was.

Many say.. “Oh finally a girl!” or “You were trying for a girl is it? Luckily finally is a girl.” when I tell them that I have 3 kids, my first & second child are boys and my third a girl. And I’m frank enough to tell them that I wasn’t planning for a third child, and definitely wasn’t “trying” for a girl.

However, God chose us to be parents of a healthy baby girl.

My birth story of this little girl was posted on my Dayre account, which is no longer maintained. It seems like yesterday that I had to go through 10 (TEN) DAYS of contraction cos she diva like that. It was on the 10th day that my gynae finally asked me why am I not in the labour room yet. Well, turns out it’s because Lao Niang can’t dilate without having my waterbag artificially poked. Once burst, the contraction came on fast and dilation happened, within 30 minutes, I was in the labour room scolding myself… “YI LEI, DON’T EVER FORGET HOW PAINFUL IT IS TO GO THROUGH LABOUR, EVER AGAIN!!”

and because of that reminder, I’m determined that the Fluffeh one will be our youngest baby, forever. No matter how cute my babies were when they were infants/toddlers.

In all honesty, this girl truly brought a lot of joy and love to our family. My boys did the same but she has a different kinda love. That Diva-love that I can’t seem to put into words, only she can show me how.

Like how she calls me Yi Lei instead of Mummy because she realized that I don’t answer her as quickly when she calls me “Mummy”. Which child would think of that right? Well, the diva Fluffeh one did.

I love how she has grown to be so independent yet clingy, courageous yet girlie, confident of herself yet shy, like some kind of walking talking oxymoron.

With all that, I still wish that she would stop walking to my room to sleep with me (my dream of undisrupted sleep is still a dream). I know many tell me that I’ll miss this clingy-ness. I honestly, don’t get where you guys are coming from….

….cos I love my sleep as much as this girl does.

My dear Fluffeh one, may your brothers continue to love you and you continue to show all of us how vulnerable yet resilient a person can be.

I’m blessed to be chosen as your Yi Lei. ❤️

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