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Keep March-ing on

“I raise my glass to these obstacles and the walls that hold us in.” -Prime Circle, Keep Marching On-

I told many of my close friends that I dread the month of March and wish it would just pass by quickly. And quickly it did.

Goodbye Q1, Hello Q2!

I’d normally post my reflection of the month on Instagram but I have so much to reflect on in the month of March. So a blog post would do better justice of the multiple things that I’m thankful for.

Hello Long Distance Parenting! We meet again.

My husband and I made a decision to do LDP (Long Distance Parenting) when he was offered a role to move to the East (yes, again!).

Did I move the whole family over? No. Why not? Cos I don’t want to anymore.  Selfish? I don’t think there’s anyway I can change your mind about our choices but if you would like to think so , then Yes.

We chose to live apart and have the husband fly back on every other weekend and/or during long holidays because….

1) my children are absolutely loving their childhood here. James for one LOVES his school now. My twins loves just playing around at our housing area freely. Yes, they can always find new friends, new school when we move over but we chose not to. They only have one childhood, we chose to continue to let them enjoy this happiness that they truly enjoy.

2) my husband can use some space. Not having to bother about working late just because we’re all at home waiting in a foreign land. Yes, he will still worry about us but he also knows that the kids are all in safe hands. God’s not mine.

3) I’ve just built a strong foundation in my career and I’m not willing to put it all back on hold again. Career vs Family? Well, every woman too deserve to make choices for their own career.

4) We’ve done this before and the only reason why we’re willing to do it again is because we successfully made it through the first time. We’ve gone through both LDP and moving the whole family over (remember Miri?). Both of the experiences did not break our marriage and family. Hence, we’re confident, in God’s plan we made the right choice for our family.

You may beg to differ all you want. #youdoyou

The McD Ice Cream month.

My papa, my forever love.

My Daddy would have been 67 this year. Well, he’s not but we continue to remember him in this month. Knowing that all he ever did is for us and wants us to be happy.

In memory of my Daddy, I got a tattoo. Two of his favourites: McD ice cream and sunflowers.
Happiest Birthday Papa, have a good celebration with God forever.

Herd immunity-checked!

2nd dose DONE!

The twins got their second dose and we’re now a fully vaccinated family. *biggrouphug*

NaeNae also took her vaccination but she’s not fully vaccinated yet. FHL, she can’t go out to meet the world just yet

Celebrations, colleagues, friends, my god daughter, friends cooking for me & chickens 🤣

We were treated to a very nice lunch to celebrate our drinking buddy’s birthday. Guess we are now drinking less cos the husband ain’t here. So we re-brand ourselves : Drinking-less buddies. 🤭
This is not a celebration but it’s our final virtual meeting as a team together before we split and report to different bosses.😔

Farewells are inevitable but I’ve mentioned many times, I’m always blessed with superbly good bosses. This break-up like with my departure from my previous company is tough.(How to drink less now? 🤣)

On a happier note! We continue to celebrate birthdays virtually! The birthday girl thought she’s coming into call with me alone but I brought with me crazy people. 🤪

#hantugastric is back!

Also the month that I went through a crazy ordeal with gastric. I was literally kneeling in front of the toilet bowl cos vomit then had to wait out the pain before stuff had to come out the other end.#tmi

I was sweating buckets while trying to think, how the F am I suppose to pull myself together, head back to the office and pray I don’t get covid cos dunno how clean the toilet is.. #fml

But somehow, anyhow I managed to call a colleague (God bless her soul and every part of her) and she hurriedly bought meds for me when all I asked for was Antacid. She came with more than that and the meds truly saved me..

At this point, I was up and running thanks to the meds. Moral of the story: Never eat spicy food on an empty stomach.

My Hero, My Mama.

Leaving my #winofthemonth the last cos she is just my best supporter at home and for us to keep going with our career.

My mama never questioned us why we made such decisions, never whined about how tiring it would be for her when my husband is away and I have to travel for work.

Hence, I do whatever it takes to give her what she wants. Not a lot of requests from her cos she’s truly a simple woman. My mama has been admiring my Korean neighbour’s kids’ curled hair and I decided to bring her to the same salon.

She’s superbly satisfied with her hair and kept telling her friends that this is exactly what she has been looking for. She couldn’t stop smiling. My heart is full, just seeing her so happy.🥰

She wanted dim sum from Oriental 33. We brought it home once and she said it’s the best Loh Mai Kai that she has ever tasted. My husband and I did all we could to get them for her the day she asked for it.

If you’re wondering what’s so hard about getting dimsum, it’s because we live in a place where it’s superbly far from Oriental 33. So getting it in time for lunch requires some co-ordination cos no food delivery app would send it over.

What’s a post without the Fluffeh and NaeNae? A Nae-Fuffeh one. 🤣 I’m so lame, I should stop.

I’ve definitely March-ed on with lots of courage in the month of March. Let’s pray Q2 will be kinder and healthier for everyone!

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