That bibliophile in me

I haven’t read much ever since I became a mother. That’s 13 years ago. When I say much, it means not as how I used to finish one book in a week or how I would stay up late cos I can’t seem to put the book down (basically like how many of us are now “chasing after” series on Netflix – once you start you can’t stop).

The most I read after giving birth to my eldest was when I was in confinement, one of my bestie lent me Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series, which now is made into a series that “once you start, you can’t stop” on Netflix. After that, it was goodbye to reading consistently.

Over the years, I read, perhaps only a few notable books which until today, I would still recommend them to anyone who wants to pick up some heartwarming stories.

  1. The Last Lecture – by Randy Pausch
  2. Tuesdays with Morrie- by Mitch Albom
  3. The Five People You Meet in Heaven – by Mitch Albom

Fast-forward to mid-2021, I was inspired by my ex-colleagues from Tapestry, how they would always squeeze in reading no matter how their schedules seems impossible. Yes, you may argue that they probably don’t have three kids and a household of 6 + furkids to manage but I do know a number of people that are leading similar lifestyles as them and yet, they don’t pick up a book.

I didn’t know where to begin although there are many books in our library that I haven’t touched. I picked up Adam Grant, Originals, which was purchased by my husband but the interest of finishing the book, did not stick. As I was attending behaviour therapy sessions for my boys, the therapist recommended a few books to read and I didn’t hesitate to quickly purchase them.

That’s how I revived that bibliophile in me. I’ve completed 7 books since! (not many if compared to people who can finish a book a week but it’s an achievement for me. #youdoyou) Here’s what I’ve read in the last 10 months:

Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids – by Dr Laura Markham

Yelling is so common in parenting. This book was truly mind-opening.

My boys were diagnosed with ADHD last year and I dived deep into understanding them, how to communicate with them and did a lot of searching & reading. This book gave scenarios that I can relate to with my boys and it definitely gave me insights on how I can better manage situations when I face them the next time. Of course, practice is still required. I can’t say that I’ve stopped yelling at my kids but I am definitely reminding myself more often than I used to.

Think Again – by Adam Grant

Rethinking is not done consciously.

I attended a training session at work and this book was mentioned. I find it especially helpful for leaders and even if you are not a leader, it would give you a different perspective of how we should always not be fixated with our “normal thoughts” and limiting ourselves to not knowing more than what we already know.

When Breath Becomes Air – by Paul Kalanithi

I always have a soft spot for heartwarming stories.

Similarly to The Last Lecture, written by Randy Pausch, Paul Kalanithi wrote this as he was battling cancer. This book reminded me of how much my late father wanted to write a book when he retires from the corporate world but it remained a dream that died with him.

Four Thousand Weeks – Oliver Burkeman

This was a gift by my dear boss from Tapestry. It was a belated Christmas gift but it came at the right time. She knew that I needed this as I’m transparent with her on the things I have to manage at work and personal. This book truly opened my eyes and made me realize, how you can don’t need to do everything and still have all of it going.

Born a Crime – by Trevor Noah

I fell in love with Trevor’s mum. If you are looking for a book that have a great sense of humor, this is definitely it! I smiled & laugh almost at every chapter, I think people around me would have thought that I’m nuts, laughing at a book.

Quiet Power – by Susan Cain

Excuse the bee & cat stickers on the book, what happens when you have a child that loves stickers.

I bought this book not because I’m an introvert. I can hear my closest friends saying “You? Introvert? Must have been in your past life lah.” 😀

I bought this to help me understand introverts and how to help bring the best out of them. My eldest son is highly introverted and I am surrounded by quite a number of introverts (work, friends, besties but not my mother. hahaha…) . This helped me realize that there’s an introverted side of me too (we all want some quiet moments). How I prefer small groups when it comes to hanging out, how I don’t like to drink at noisy places (my drinking buddies are nodding their heads), how I prefer to not talk when I’m working out/at the gym/group classes.

My Life in Full – by Indra Nooyi

My new inspiration. ❤

This is one book that in my opinion, not only would inspire women but also men, whether you are high up in the corporate ladder, or at the midst of climbing or has an aspiration to be at the top some day. Even if you don’t have any aspiration of that sorts (which is truly fine, #youdoyou), her story is just worth your time reading.

If you were looking for book reviews, I hate to disappoint as I’m not trained & have no intention to do so. This post is for me to remind myself that if one day, I fall off the reading bandwagon again, I can somehow jump back in like how I had done so.

And perhaps you too would be inspired to pick up a book and re-start reading too. ;P

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