A good storyteller is a person with a good memory and hopes other people haven’t.”

Irvin S.Cobb

Stories are meant to be shared. Here at Cikumuffin, you will find stories of my life.

As a mother of 3 beautiful children, jotting down memories of them, to remind me of how much they have grown. How I can share sentiments with every mother out there.

As a daughter, sister, wife and daughter-in-law, how it reminds me, how blessed I am to have a supportive family.

As a bestfriend/friend and hopefully someday to be an inspiration to anyone out there, to learn from my stories, be it a positive outtake or a mistake.

Capturing my thoughts for my own sanity. Writing is therapeutic to me, so is baking and cooking. Cleaning,,..not so much.

Welcome to Cikumuffin!

May my stories be part of your memory.