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Life goes on but the pain remains

With just a blink of an eye, 10years has flew pass us. It seemed like it was just yesterday that I was 16weeks pregnant with my first child, lying down on a hospital bedroom floor, waking up every 10mins in the wee hours to make sure my dad was ok. It seemed like it was… Continue reading Life goes on but the pain remains

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Dada: The good, the bad

Many wrote their dedication to their husbands on behalf of their children on Father's Day. Some kids wrote/made a little token for their dads. My kids? Had to be reminded that it's Father's Day and the only thing that they made for him was from Sunday School (now stuck on our fridge). (Well, it was… Continue reading Dada: The good, the bad


Dyslexia:Unwrapped – Stay Happy

I recently brought James for another round of assessment. We did it once at the beginning of last year and a really brief one at the end of last year. I met his new class teacher and I couldn't really tell her exactly how much he has progressed. So we thought, let's just do a… Continue reading Dyslexia:Unwrapped – Stay Happy