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Midnight Ramblings- Grateful for…

It's 7minutes to the next day and here I am, wanting to just pen a few words. (Thanx no thanx Coffee Bean coffee.) Went for a rare after work workout (my normal routine is to workout before work but today wasn't one of the days that I could afford to) and decided that I should… Continue reading Midnight Ramblings- Grateful for…

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That negative nurse

I went for my annual Pap Smear test, (A reminder for women who are sexually active to do so too.) and I love my gynaecologist. For some reasons, she's not the one who delivered my first two children but she's really a nice Dr. I can't say the same about one of her nurses though.… Continue reading That negative nurse

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That work-life balance

The Balance Is something a lot of people are gunning for. Myself included. But I'm beginning to question whether it's something for organizations to sell. "OH! we practise work-life balance." or it's a "new methodology", you know , kinda like the whole peer pressure going on. Perhaps it's just something that we are "influenced" to… Continue reading That work-life balance