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That work-life balance

The Balance Is something a lot of people are gunning for. Myself included. But I'm beginning to question whether it's something for organizations to sell. "OH! we practise work-life balance." or it's a "new methodology", you know , kinda like the whole peer pressure going on. Perhaps it's just something that we are "influenced" to… Continue reading That work-life balance

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How to not feel like a #shitmum

At the beginning of every career of mine, I always feel like a #shitmum. I know, a lot of people would go.."Don't say that??!!" Or some would smirk and nod, secretly saying, "glad you realised." But again, who's judging right? *Psst Ciku* everyone is! 🙄🙄 Anyway, here are a few things that I've done/didn't do… Continue reading How to not feel like a #shitmum

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I’m starting with the (wo)man in the mirror

I've been really sucky at updating. Sorry new & loyal followers. I'll do my best to give you good stories every time. *promise* I've recently embarked on a journey to help me regain my "fitness". For those who have known me from Dayre or close friends, knows that I lost 10kg prior to leaving Miri.… Continue reading I’m starting with the (wo)man in the mirror

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What are you preaching?

Before you think that I'm going to talk about religion, it has nothing to do with it. #disclaimerisamust This is what we experienced and observed. My opinion would remain as mine, as for this story, I would be sharing it with the parties involved. So please don't spread it without understanding my intention for writing… Continue reading What are you preaching?